K9 Behaviour

Always alert
Most in the security industry appreciate that a guard patrol is equivalent to several “Static” guards, which makes K9 Dog Patrol Security the choice with the greater deterrent factor. Not only the presence of a trained guard dog makes most people uneasy, it also convey fear and uncertainty in the hearts of would-be intruders as “man’s best friend” may not prove to be so when snarling and bearing teeth.

It is not that our licensed guards would let their trained dogs loose (they are always on a leash); but the question remains about the length of the leash and the point of defense the dog may perceive if his master is threatened.

The occasional bark also acts a a warning and sent the message in the mind of would-be intruders that it is best to “let dogs lie” and venture elsewhere.

Really guards dogs are not trained as “attack dogs” like in the forces or the police; but they are trained to instill fear in the heart of intruders.

Always best to avoid surprising or being surprised by a guard dog on duty.

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