K9 Dog Patrol Security

Create your own security plan with the deterrent of guard dogs

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Savings by Creative Design

The key to better security is creativity in the design of the whole security system matched by an understanding of the risks and the preempting or deterrence of intrusions. Creative security people are always a step ahead or at least better prepared to limit risks. Generally, companies save approximately 20% to 50% on their security budget.

Planned Success

The K9 Dog Patrol Security system introduces the advantage and deterrent of canine patrols with broken-schedule frequencies. Would -be intruders remain baffled by the scheme as they have no way of knowing when they will be surprised by the silent guard dogs and their masters.

Partnership Power

Ultimate security is often not possible but risk management is. Partnering with an efficient company minimalises the security risk through K9 dog patrols. No one wants to be surprised by a trained guard dog because of the fear-inspiring growl and baring of sharp teeth.

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